Miami CSI

Come down the city with me
I’ll show you something you don’t wanna see
Dead people on the street
Death by violence seems oh so neat
Found dead on the shore
A slashed cut throat the death of a whore
Down in the city you see the killing don’t stop
I tell ya they always want more
Calling in Miami Stakes are high
Calling in Miami truth or lies
Calling in Miami take no side
Calling in Miami live or die
I said calling, calling Miami CSI
Went down the city today
Found another body in the bay
Pronounced dead at the scene
Time of death about 9.15
Drive by shooting they say
Bagged up samples of DNA
Another death crime scene
You gotta believe me
I tell ya this ain’t no dream
Chorus repeat
Come down the city with me, death on the slab
Ain’t so pretty you see Contract killing spree
Premeditated and no ID Yeah out on the Keys
No one’s safe no one’s free
Down in the city you’ll see
who’ll be next could it be you or me
Chorus repeat
Stakes are high, Truth or lies
Take no side, Live or die

Added by: FrancisMorin, August 14, 2015 at 11:02pm

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