Well I done me some wrong, and I done me some right
As for a judge and jury, I’ve no appetite
Well I done me some bad, and I done me some good
Yeah I’ve played with the devil, now that’s understood
Now you do you wanna live, or do you wanna die
Or can you see the future, can you prophesy
I could tell you the truth, or I could tell you a lie
I wouldn’t swear on the bible not me oh my

Gimmie hell fire and brimstone bible preachin retribution
Yeah an eye for eye yeah bible preachin retribution
Yeah vengeance is mine bible bible preachin retribution
Gimmie some he’ll fire and brimstone, bible preachin retribution
Now I can take you heaven, I can take you to hell
Twix God and the devil, I got you under my spell
Now do you wanna win, or do you wanna loose
I’m gonna let you down, I’ve got more bad new
Don’t gimmie excuses for what you do
I’m telling you now; I wouldn’t be in your shoes
So I don’t care if you’re young or you’re old
See your futures already bought and sold
Hate ain’t crime, Bible, Preachin Retribution
Now it’s payback time, Bible Preachin Retribution
Yeah vendetta’s are fine, Bible, Preachin Retribution
Better dead than alive, Bible Preachin Retribution

The Lords on your side Bible Preachin Retribution
Oh forgiveness a crime, Bible Preachin Retribution
Get even bout time, Bible Preachin Retribution
Gimmie some good old fashioned
Hell Fire and Brimstone
Bible Preachin

Added by: FrancisMorin, August 14, 2015 at 11:09pm

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