Miss You Just the Same
Daniel Goguen

Well ever since the day
That you went away
People say I'm not the same
I'm drinking all night long
And I barely get some sleep at all
They swear I've gone insane
But they don't know the hell I'm going through
They say there's more than one fish in the sea
But you're the only one who's right for me
I don't care 'bout the others
I just want you forever
And that's how it's gonna be
Oh but one things for sure
I know what I gotta do
I'm gonna spend this night
Drinking your memories away
I need to make believe
That you don't even have little itty bitty hold on me
And I won't be sitting, standing, walking, talking , thinking
Or even looking straight
I just need something to ease my mind
But girl deep inside
You know I miss you just the same
Lord knows what I wouldn't give
Just to hear the phone ring and find you on the other end
And asking, telling, begging me
To come on over and love you all over again
Oh but until you do, well girl I'll be missing you

Added by: FrancisMorin, February 1, 2018 at 10:35pm

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