Two-Step Mamou
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Well it’s Saturday night, and we got the right
To have a little party, and make it all night
Where you can learn, to dance a Cajun tune
Doing the Two-Step Mamou
Stomp you’re feet, then you move real fast
Swing your partner, make the good times last
The music is hot, and with some good cold beer,
You’re doing the Two-Step Mamou
C’est l’samedi au soir, on est tous là
Pour avoir un bon temps, et aller tout’ la nuit
C'est àyoù peux apprendre, la danse des Cadiens
T’après faire le Two-Step de Mamou
Grouille tes pieds, danse-toi collé
Attrape ta belle pour avoir un bon temps
La musique est chaude, et la bière est bonne
T’après faire le Two-Step de Mamou
Well hey-ha-ha ! Let the good times roll!
Let’s do our thing before we get too old
We’ll party and dance until the break of day
Doing the Two-Step Mamou
Another Saturday night, and it’s time to go
Don’t want to be late at the « Fais do-do »
We’re going to the dance that the Cajuns do
We’re doing the Two-Step Mamou !

English (United States), Français (Louisiane)
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