Unfinished Business
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Unfinished business, you never said goodbye
You never told me it was over, you just walked out of my life
Now I’m half crazy, wondering what to do
Oh, unfinished business, well I’m not over you
Well, we started out looking like a real good team,
You sold me from the start,
you had me believing your love was real
And I could trust you with my heart
But when the time came to deliver,
Hon, you did not come through
Yeah I’ve paid the price,
But I’ve never got the goods on you
Well, every time I get her, I'm with someone new
And I think I wanna try again
I wind up right back thinking about you
And the love you said would never end
Yeah, hon, you made me a promise,
To take this heart of mine
Now I wanna hold you to it,
Baby that’s the bottom line
Chorus (2x)

English (United States)
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