Cajun Born
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I was born on the bayou
Thirty miles out of Lafayette.
My daddy was a Cajun man,
And he taught me how to plow.
I remember mama's breakfast
Couche couche and caillé;
Steamed syrup on a beignet,
Lord, I wish, I had some now.
Chorus :
I'm a Cajun born, I'm a Cajun bred,
And when I die, I'll be a Cajun dead.
If I die in Alaska, and if I die in Ohio,
My soul will find its way back to the bayou.
We went to church every Sunday.
We had a French speaking preacher man.
The kids joked about the preacher man,
’Cause we thought he wore a dress.
After church we'd have a party,
Cajun music on the phonograph,
Harry Choates singing “Jolie Blonde”. Girl,
You made a sinner out of me.
When I get enough to marry,
I'll get myself a Cajun lady;
Someone sort of like my mamma,
’Cause there ain't no other kind, no other kind.
Wherever fortune takes me,
If it makes me or it breaks me;
Those memories won't forsake me.
Got Louisiana on my mind.

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