Just Because Polka
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Juste parceque tu crois, toi t'es spécial,
Juste parceque tu crois, toi t'es belle,
Juste parceque tu crois, toi t'a que' chose,
Que personne d'autre a pas.
Ta ris après moi, ta gaspiller tout mon argent,
Ta ris après moi, tu m'apellais vieu Santa-Clause,
Mais moi j'après t'dire asteure, chère, j'ai fini avec toi,
Parceque, oh juste parceque.
Just because you think your're so pretty,
Just because you think your're so hot,
Just because you think you've got something
That nobody else has got
You laughed at me, you made me spend all my money
You laughed at me, then called me Santa Clause
Now I'm telling you, baby, I'm through with you
Because, oh just because.

Français (Louisiane), English (United States)
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