Going Back To Louisiana
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This guy was doing this house by the hospital and called me to give him a price on an air conditioner.
And so we were talking about where they store the equipment, and he told me his name was Quebedeaux.
I said, “Monsieur Quebedeaux. Mais, comment c’est que moi je connais pas toi?”
Mais, il dit “I moved to Texas.” He said, “Years ago, I got married over there and things didn’t work, so I came back.”
I said, “Well how long you stayed?” and he said “Well,” he said, “me and the old lady was having trouble.” He said, “One night I told her, sitting at the table, look you. When that last child graduates from high school, I’m going back to Louisiana. That was 24 years ago. About a year or two ago or so,” he said, “that little girl finished school. We went to the graduation and came back to the house.” He said, “I started putting my tools in my pickup truck.”
She said, “Mais, what’s the matter with you, there? What you doing?”
He said, “I, I, I’m putting my stuff in the truck. I’m a go get my clothes in a little while. I’m putting my tools.”
She said, “Well, where you going?”
He said, “You don’t remember? 24 years ago, when that last child graduates, I’m going back to Louisiana.”
She said, “I think you crazy.”
“Castille, all I kept was the camper. I gave her the house, the car, all I took was my pickup truck and my tools.”
“Mr. Quebedeaux,” I said, “that’s a good story. I’d like to write a song about that.”
He said, “Oh, Castille. Whatever you think.”
Il y a 24 ans qu’a passé. C’est toujours que mon je t’ai dit, que mon j’aurais parti quand les enfants étaient tous grands, Chère.
Le bon jour arrivait. J’ai fini d’un misèré avec toi, le grand Texas. Je sus parti back en Louisiane, Chère.
Je l’ai laissé la maison et puis le fort prend gérable. J’avais juste mon pickup truck et le ramenais back en Louisiane.
On a long à la Louisiane. Le bon chose de notre mariage a passé devant mes yeux. Mais c’est trop tard de tout fini, Chère.
Peut-être au Bayou Teche une amoure espère pour moi. C’est ça qui me donne courage, vas retourner a Louisiane.
So I saw him about, I don’t know, a couple of months later in Arnaudville, maybe a little longer than that. And he was in his truck, and he had an old lady with him. I said, “Hello, Monsieur Quebedeaux. You find yourself a lady here?”
“I sure did Castille.”
I wish I would’ve known that. I could’ve put that in that song, you know.
“Well, uh,” you know, he says, “Things are working out pretty good.”
I said, “She treat you right? You, you happy with her?”
Happy? That woman brings me breakfast in bed every morning, Castille. Then she brushes my teeth after that!

Français (Louisiane), English (United States)
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