Here in my arms
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He was standing, on the side of the band.
She was sitting, with all of her friends.
A few shots of courage,
He thought he’d take a chance.
He walked on over, and asked her to dance.
Prend ma main
Moi, Je veux danser avec toi.
N'as pas peur
Moi Je vas t'embrasser.
Ca va pas long
La peur va passer
Si te restez
Ici dans mes bras
Fifty years of dancing. They took it all in stride
When they took his leg, she stood by his side
I started to realize, even when you think you can’t
Your life’s not over, if your heart can still dance.
One July morning, on the side of her bed,
She made her exit. We dressed her in red.
Though we couldn’t see him,
He held out his hands
She crossed on over, and he asked her to dance.

Salty Bayou Music 2013
Français (Louisiane), English (United States)
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