I Can't Do One More Two Step
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Well Friday night is comin'
Everybody's headed down highway four
And everybody's waitin'
'Cause we're gonna have some fun
We're gonna dance until it blisters
We're over come with soul
And we're waitin' for the fiddler
To burn out of control
Don't say I can't do (can't do)
I can't do (can't do)
I can't do one more two step
I'm gettin' weak in the knees
Won't you take me home please
Can't do one more two step
Everybody's had a hard week
And they just can't wait to dance
And they have got eight children
And Friday night's her chance
She gonna get out on the dance floor
Gonna shake-a-leg all night long
And they're waitin' for the fiddler
Gonna burn down one more song

English (United States)
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