Mom, I'm Still Your Little Boy
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Hey hey Mom, I'm still your little boy
Hey hey Mom, you're still my pride and joy
Even though you're gone, to heaven up above
Hey hey Mom, I can still feel your love
When you were here each time I fell
You would always pick me up
And it seems that you would heal
Every scratch and cut
With your hands and your love
Like magic from above
Hey hey Mom, How I miss your loving touch
If god would hear my prayer
And tell you what I say
Mom you're like the rose
that will never fade away
You tough me everything
You showed me right from wrong
Now in everything I do
I always think of you
There were times when life was rough
But you never did complain
With your love of all your childrens
There were sunshine, never rain
No matter how bad we were
We were still your pride and joy
Hey hey Mom, I wanna tell you
that I'm still your little boy

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