Mr. Big
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I love you, and I just thought I'd call you
To tell you, just how much you mean to me
'Cause without you, my life would be so empty
But with your love, I am Mr. Big
Mr. Big is what I feel like,
When we're walking hand in hand
Mr. Small is what I'd be,
Without your love
I can feel it, everytime I touch your fingers
It's a feeling, like you know when something's good
It's like heaven, It's just something you can't explain
But when you get there, you know it's something good
Here I am, I'm just waitin' for your love
Yes I'm waiting, just to hear you say - you're mine
Then comes heaven, when I'll be in your arms once more
And then again, I'll be Mr. Big
Yes then again, I'll be Mr. Big

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