Traveling Band
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Seven Thirty Seven coming out of the sky.
Oh! Won't you take me down to Memphis on a midnight ride,
I wanna move.
Playing in a Traveling Band.Yeah!
Well, I'm flying 'cross the land, try'ing to get a hand,
Playing in a Traveling Band.
Take me to the hotel, Baggage gone, oh, well.
Come on, come on, won't you get me to my room,
I wanna move.
Listen to the radio, Talking 'bout the last show.
Someone got excited, Had to call the State Militia,
Wanna move.
Oh! WOW!
Here we come again on a Saturday night
Oh with your fussing and a fighting
Won't you get me to the rhyme,
I wanna move.
Oh! WOW!
Oh! I'm playing in a Traveling Band;
Playing in a Traveling Band.
Won't you get me, take me hand
Well, I'm playing in a Traveling Band,
Well, I'm flying 'cross the land.
Trying to get a hand,
Playing in a Traveling Band,

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