Sweet Joline
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There’s a little girl down in south Louisiana, her name is Sweet Joline
She shakes her hips and moves her thighs, like no one I’ve ever seen
I get a funny feeling when she comes around, most every Saturday night
Because she winks her eyes and shoots her smile, and all the boys in the place go wild.
La 'tite fille qu'habitait dans la Louisiane, son nom c'est Sweet Joline
A grouille ses pieds, elle grouille ses jambes, comme personne j’ai jamais vue
Sa m’fait fâcher quand ma‘tite fille, boss tout les samedis au soir
A fais des clins d’œil, elle garoche des becs, et tout le monde dans la place viens d’mondes fou
Yeah eh yeah
That jolie blonde is dressed to thrill, she’s the queen of the Cajun dance
A-two steppin darlin belle of the ball, every boy would like his chance
Everybody knows when she come strollin’, across the dancing floor
‘Cause she winks eyes, and shoots her smile, and all the boys in the place go wild
Yes they do

Français (Louisiane), English (United States)
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