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You know there's something in your eyes
Talkin' louder than your lies
You've got a high an' mighty way, yeah
It's the devil you will pay
Like a candle in the breeze
You have lost your flame
FIrst you burn, and then you freeze
Your not what you claim
Backslider, slider
You hoped you could be
A free glider, glider
Floatin' back to me
Lowrider, rider
I want you back, if you could only see . . .
You gonna take
'Cause satan made her to breathe
Someone else is in your gaze, ooo....
You haven't looked at me for days
Like two diamonds in the dust
Your eyes do not shine
First you give, and then you go
Leavin' me behind
Like a shadow in sun
Your soul is never away
First you stand, and then you slide
Back to your old ways

English (United States)
Added by: FrancisMorin, March 31, 2015 at 07:30pm
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