High Step It
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I’m waitin’ for the night to party
Down through the rock and roll
I have to hear that zydeco band
Great music for your soul
Many people were dancing
I wanted to join in
I asked this woman to dance with me
She said, ‘Hold on my friend!’
You better high step it, high step it
High step it on the Zydeco floor
High step it, high step it
High step it and don’t move slow!
We were havin’ such a good time
Never slowin’ down
Keepin’ our bodies moving
Shakin’ all around
It was gettin’ kind of late
I was feelin’ almost dead
When I started to slow down
This is what she said:
People revel in New Orleans
And want to party all night
Just remember what we said
So you can do it right

Written by Waylon Thibodeaux
Published by Hot Steppin' Music, BMI
English (United States)
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