We Are Cajuns
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We came from the shores of Nova Scotia
We settled in the bayou land
We built lives, homes and families
We never asked for a hand
We were poor, hard-working and honest
We liked to dance and sing Cajun songs
We made our living off the land
No one complained, though the days were long
We’re loud, we’re proud
Because we are Cajuns
We’ve done it,
We’ve done it all so well
We’ve never asked for much
But we had a lot of luck
And oh the stories that we can tell
Don’t talk about times when we were hungry
And thank God when times were right
We worked the land for our every meal
And worked hard until the dark of night
Today we’re modern Cajuns
We are people you can love and trust
We’ve done so much with nothing at all
Now the whole world’s looking at us

Written by Waylon Thibodeaux, P.E. Gilligan, J. Breaux
Published by Hot Steppin' Music, BMI
English (United States)
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