Never Say Die
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When I was young, my father said to me
Listen to what I say; and in what you need to believe
In the things that matter, in the things that will set you free
In life’s fate twisted turnings, where they’ll lead you, we shall see
When I was a young man, lived a care free life my own way
Then I knew all of the answers, yes then I had so much to say
Those harsh words of my father, those words I must never betray
Both in the light and the darkness, I can still hear my father say
You can steal cheat lie, but never say die
Despite your troubles and strife, No Never say die
They got you there dead to rights, still never say die
Put up one hell of fight, yeah never say die
Now that I am older, only now can I see
How life it breaks you, what a bitter taste life it leaves
When loves lost to heavens, from the depths of our souls we grieve
From my life’s distant echoes, I can hear those words in my dreams
So now you’ve heard my story, so now you’ve heard me plea,
How life it destroys you, oh how little by little we bleed
Through you trials and troubles, no matter how dark things might seem
Say those words of defiance, but when you say them then you’ll know what they mean

Make that pre-emptive strike don’t never say die
Be as cold cool as ice no never say die
Scourge famine and blight still never say die
When you take the last rites never say die

English (United Kingdom)
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