Satan's Train
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He was uptight mean and hungry at the station, he was waiting for a ride
I was hidden in shadows, he stopped and I asked me if I had a light
We talk while, he said he'd done some bad thing's, he told me he'd could never change.
Yeah I said I'm gonna help you boy, I'm sure I can find a way
So I offered him a ticket, told him it was for the very next train
I said it's a one way ticket, it's a special 1st class but it's only valid for today
He stared at me and said there something bout you stranger, but what it is I just can't say
He took my one way ticket, it was free he couldn't wait to get away
Now my trains it's a rollin, it won't stop you ain't coming back
See I know all about you; let me tell you you've been had
No the Lord he won't forgive you, you been a low life jack the lad
See that one tickets from the devil so now with me you have pact
Yeah them wheels keep turning
Oh that smoke stacks burning
No Lord you ain't returning
And now I know for certain, it's gonna be your judgement day
You're on Satan's; you're on Satan's train a rollin
Come on Satan's, Train there's no consoling
On Satan's, Train them fires are stokin
Oh on Satan's, Train your goin' to hell you souls been stolen
Well you know we're you're a going, get off them knees no need to pray
See you're on a one way ticket, was for your sins now you've already paid
Oh I looked into your soul boy; I could see just how much you'd strayed
Today's your day of judgement, your riding first class on the Devils train
You're on Satan's'
You're on Satan's, On Satan's train Rollin, Satan's Satan's Satan's...

English (United Kingdom)
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