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Well, why in the devil did you tell Louella
everything you know?
She's got a great big mouth
and she'll talk about you
Everywhere she goes
She'll talk about your man.
She'll talk about his wife.
And now they're after you with a butcher's knife
Oh Louella, big mouth Louella
Well, telegram, telephone.
Tell Louella everybody knows
If you tell Louella You might as well put it on the radio"
She'll spread the story around.
She's very indiscreet.
She'll put your private life out in the street
Oh Louella….
Well, I told you once, I told you twice
You wouldn't listen tom me
You got together with big mouth Louella
And you told her everything
The cat's out of the bag. You spilled the beans
You should have locked your lips
And thrown away the keys
Oh Louella….

Writer(s): Marcia Ball Copyright: Gatorhythms Music, Lew Bob Songs O/B/o Gatorhythms Music
English (United States)
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