Dem Cats Are Back Again
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Hey every night when I go to bed
I put my pillow on my head
Those alley cats, they fuss and fight
I can't get no sleep at night
Uh wee, them cats are back again
They bump their heads underneath the floor
And then they spring and scratch some more
I wonder if they'll ever quit
I'm about to lose my grit
Uh wee them cats are back again
Hey every night it's just the same
I hear 'em in my garbage can
The noise they make could wake the dead
But they keep me up instead
Uh wee them cats are back again
They meow and hiss at my front door
I tell you Jack I can't take no more
I've counted off 10 000 sheep
I took Nytol and I still can't sleep
Uh wee them cats are back again
Those alley cats can agitate
It's 3 AM, and I'm still awake
My eyes looks like an endless map
All because of those alley cats
Uh wee them cats are back again
Next thing you'll know they'll want my house
Instead of out there chasing mice
Tomorrow 'nough I'm gonna fix those cats
Yes I'm gonna get me a baseball bat
Uh wee folks I'm gonna sleep again
I'm gonna tell you all, oh yes I'm gonna sleep again

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