The Lumberjack
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I was born in the backwoods
Of a two-bit nowhere town
Fathered up some rock 'n' roll (baby)
So you mothers could boogie down
I ain't whistling dixie
No I'm a rebel with a groove
All around the world they go 'round and 'round
When they dig on my new stainless steel sound
I say I'm a lumberjack baby
And I'm gonna cut you down to size
I'm a lumberjack now baby
And you're the one that gets my prize
When you hear my motor running
You know I surely, I surely be coppin' a rise
So I'm gonna crank it up and cut it down
I'm a lumberjack now baby
I'm a lumberjack now baby
I'm a lumberjack now baby
I'm a lumberjack now baby
But I ain't jacked my lumber baby
Since my chain saw you
Whether you like it, or whether you don't...
That's the way we like it!

Written by Jesse James Dupree
© Universal Music Publishing Group
English (United States)
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