Rebel Pride

I live in this cypress swamp
I’ve been a ragin’ for a thousand years
Through hurricanes and tornadoes
I’ve cheated guns and Indian spears
I could outrun the whitetail buck
But I can’t outrun your cars and trucks
You’ve been a problem I can’t fight
I’m beggin’ you for your peace
Somebody save me
Somebody save me
One day I might be extinct
Won’t be around to roam the wild
You’ll know I’ll probably be a missing link
And then there’ll be no trees to climb
We’ve been down that road before
A different way to get back home
We're still a problem I despise
I’m beggin’ you for your peace

Somebody save me
Somebody save me
Don’t wanna leave
My spirit cries
I beg of thee
And now we’ll survive


Don’t wanna leave
My spirit cries
And I beg of thee
Can’t you see the look in my eye?
Came down from the north long ago
Or maybe twenty-five years or more
I’ve seen the progress destruction away
I’ve sacrificed for the sun and sand
New people moving here everyday
Even the birds got no place to play
We are the problem you can’t deny
We beggin’ you for your peace
Somebody save me
Oh, somebody save me
Yeah, uh oh, somebody save me
I must survive, survive
Ohhh, yeahh....
My world is now entailed
I wish somebody'd just leave me be
The panthers need a little room to roam
No need to build a house
No need to chop another tree down
No need to build another new highway
Through what’s left of my home

Added by: FrancisMorin, January 23, 2018 at 07:04pm

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