All Night Diner
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I wake up, I stretch out
I wonder what you're doing right now
Yeah, I slept in my makeup again
Tell myself I must be crazy,
Thinking about him
I find myself something decent to wear
Take the towel out of my hair
About that time, you call me
And I'm reminded, without you I'd be
A stranger in an all night diner
Waiting for her love to find her
Lonely like a harbor line
Thats never seen a boat
Just like a line in an old love letter
No one wrote
I go to work, work all day
I'm a walking tape recorder of everything you say
Walk to my car, dig out my keys
Start thinking if you were with anyone but me
There you are, on the street
Standing there all waiting on me
Yeah, I show you, my new shoes
You say you love em, and baby without you,
I'd be
I wake up, I stretch out
Wonder what you're doing right now

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