Lovesick Blues Boy
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I was born in the south land
Maybe that says it all
One eye on my back
And one eye on the door
My mama didn’t want me
And my daddy would not be found
I was raised a lovesick blues child
Brought up to be let down
Oh my bell, my showstop
I’m the kind that you’re mama warned you about
Pledge my love to you
And leave you long gone, lovesick and blue
Like the big muddy flows
Through St. Pauls from Louisiana
A lovesick heart is hard to understand
You can’t read me by my stars
Or in the lines in my hand
And if the cards I turned are true
The gypsy’s lovesick too
Oh my bell, my showstop…..
Are you lookin’ for someone
To bring a little life to the party
Until the real thing comes along
A midnight in my heart longs for the sunnyside of love
If I cry on your shoulder
Would you turn your back on me?
Would you come into my kitchen
And put my heart at ease
You can count on me tonight
And in the morning grant me grace
I been wild and blue and lost my right-a-way
Oh my bell, my showstop…..

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