Moments of Weakness
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In my moments of weakness
I’m counting on your call
In my moments of weakness
I wonder where you are
It’ll pass in time
But for now I’m primed to forget you forever
Or love you one more time
It’s only moments of weakness
This living in between the lines that I can walk
And the walls that I can’t climb
I make the most of your moments of weakness
When your cool falls away
And you say tonight you’ll stay
It’ll pass in time…….
Echoes of love
Linger on
Long as you were here
As long as you been gone
My fever’s not breaking
And the cure ain’t taking
Making all of my waking hours
And moments of weakness
So now that I know
That you have moments of weakness
With every crack and quake
I hope for my lucky break
It’ll pass in time…….

English (United States)
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