Valse de Minuit (Midnight Waltz)
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Valse de Minuit / Midnight Waltz
1- Oh bebe ca c'est dur a croire
que moi et toi on va jamais ce r' voir encore.

Apres tout ca que moi oui, j't'ai fait,
oh 'tit bebe, tu devrais pas m'abandonner.
2- Oh 'tit coeur, tu connais j'ai pris ca dur
petite, quand tu m'as dit tu pouvais mais p'us m'aimer.
1- Oh baby, it's hard to believe that you and I will never see each other again.
After all I did for you, oh little baby, you shouldn't abandon me.
2- Oh, little heart, you know I took it hard when you told me you couldn't love me.

1990-Raymond E. Francois
2000-Swallow Publications, Inc.
Français (Louisiane), English (United States)
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