Les Filles Cadjines
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Les plus jolies filles dans tout le pays
Sont dans la Louisiane.
J'ai roule tout partout, mais je n'ai jamais vue
Une fille comme Jolie Blonde.
Won't you come to South Louisiana?
Live your life on the Bayou,
In the heart of Acadiana
Go down to a Fais-Do-Do.
And when you taste that Jambalaya,
I bet you will agree,
That in all the world,
The prettiest girls are them pretty Cajun girls.
(repeat chorus)
Won't you come to the Bayou Country?
Settle down with the Cajuns.
For sure you'll love the Bayou Country.
We're gonna make a Cajun out of you.
We're gonna spice your life with Tabasco.
You go to Carencro, you date a little Guilbeau,
And where the sugar can grow and the bayous flow,
You're gonna marry a cutie Cajun girl.
(repeat chorus twice)

Français (Louisiane), English (United States)
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