Could You Love Me One More Time
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Could you love me one more time
With a love that really is mine
We've waited so long they say you've gone wrong
Have I lost you forever this time
Donne moi juste un autre chance
Pour t'prouver mon amour à toi
Moi j’veux pas croire le parlage j’après attendre
Donne moi ton cœur, ton amitié, ton amour
I'll go down by the river
I'll ask you one last time
As the night breezes flow I'll whisper so low
Could you love me one more time
I know that you're my weakness
I know you'll be my downfall
I'm not sorry we met and I'll never forget
Tho' I gave you my heart soul and all
Vien me faire l’amour juste un autre fois

Français (Louisiane), English (United States)
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