I'm Bettin'
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Well, I'm bettin' you're gettin'
Tired of his night steppin'
Skirt chasin' floor pacin'
Lonely nights alone
He had you believing
Appearance is deceiving
'Cause he's always leaving
A good little woman at home
He's faking alibis
He's making up lies
You can't believe a word he'll say
He took my wife
They ruined my life
And they went on their way
The grass was alsways greener baby
On the other side
But this boy's a guessin'
That you learned a lesson
And you'll be gettin' wise
Il a après mentir
Il a après s'vanter
Tu peux pas croire un mot il dit
Ma femme et lui, ils sont partis
C'est eux autres qu' a ruiné ma vie
L'herbe était plus verde d' l'autre côté d'la barrière
C'est ça ma femme croyait
Mais j'ai pas né hier
J'connais quoi il va faire
C'est tout après d'venir clair
Abusing and using
Totally confusing
He changes from day to day
Once you were mine
Then you fell for his line
And the two of you ran away
birds of a feather
Always flock together
And baby you're two of a kind
But it's a one-way street
Where the ends never meet
And you're heading for a dead-end sign.

Français (Louisiane), English (United States)
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