Cinquante Piastres
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Cinquante Piastres, mes vieux cuillotes, et mon pick-up truck
C'est tous que j'ai a mon nom,
Cinquante Piastres, mes vieus cuillotes et mon pick-up truck,
C'est tous que me reste asteur t'es gone.
Je croyais pas que j'etais un millionnaire
Tit' fille, quand on s'a marie.
Mais le jour tu m'as quitte ouais pour un autre,
C'est la mon payer a change.
(Repeat first verse/chorus)
J'ai vendu le swimming pool, ils ont pris le bateau,
Je reste dans une vielle cabane au Grand Coteau,
Le pretre, il m'a dit, "You're out of luck",
Cinquante piastres, mes vieux culottes et mon pickup truck
Fifty dollars, my old pair pants, and my pickup truck,
Is all I have left to my name,
Fifty dollars, my old pair of pants and my pickup truck,
That's all I have left now that you're gone
I didn't think I was a millionaire,
Little girl, when we got married
But the day that you left me for another,
That was the day my paycheck changed
I sold the swimming pool, they took the boat
I living in an old shack/shed in Grand Coteau
The priest, he told me "You're out of luck"
Fifty dollars, my old pants, and my pickup truck!

Français (Louisiane), English (United States)
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