Mes Petits Yeux Noirs
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À ce matin je m’ai trouvé assis dessus mon lit
J’ai pleuré avec un cœur aussi cassé
Parce que j’avais rêvé à mes chères petits yeux noirs
Alle a parti, alle va jamais s’en revenir
Après-midi j’étais assis dessus ma galerie
Après guetté le soleil après se coucher
Ennuyé et j’attendais mes chères petits yeux noirs
C’est ça qui fait j’ai mon cœur tout cassé

Français (Louisiane)
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linuxdude 12 years ago
Here is my best effort at translating. In Cajun black eyes really mean brown (or dark brown) eyes. It's just an expression. Another color besides the normal ones is noisette (hazel) as in "Elle a les yeux de noisette." (She has hazel eyes) and soco (muscadine) as in muscadine grapes (very dark)

This morning I found myself seated on my bed
I have cried with my heart so broken
because I have dreamed about my dear little black eyes
who has left, gone, never to come back.


Afternoon I was seated on my porch
After I watched the sunset
Lonely and waiting for my pretty little black eyes
That's what they've done. I have my heart all broken. (??)
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