Une Ange Pour Tout de la Louisiane
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J'été parti dans les grands bois,
Monté sur mon vieux cheval;
J'ai entendu la voix d'une fille,
Après chanter comme un ange.
J'ai suivi la jolie voix,
à les écores d'un courant;
All'tait assise dessus une branche,
Après garder sa réflexion.
J'connais pas quelle langue c'était,
J'pouvais pas voir sa figure;
J'ai vu juste ses cheveux noirs,
Et sa robe rayonée.
Peut-être alle'tait indienne,
Peut-être créole ou cadienne;
Une p'tite fille après chanter,
Un ange pour tout d'la Louisiane.
I went into the woods,
Mounted on my old horse;
I heard a girl's voice,
Singing like an angel.
I followed the pretty voice,
to the banks of a stream;
She was seated under a bough [a tree branch],
Looking at her reflection.
I don;t know what language it was,
I couldn't see her face;
I only saw her black hair,
And her radiant dress.
Maybe she was Indian,
Maybe Creole or Cajun;
A young girl singing,
An angel for all of Louisiana.

Français (Louisiane), English (United States)
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rhniraq 11 years ago
Belizaire, I agree on "haillonnee" but the other is definitely "J'connais pas quelle langue c'etait." Think of it in terms of the lyrics: he's trying to identify her, she's singing, but he couldn't make out what language she was singing in, just like he couldn't see her face to tell if she was Indian, Creole, or Cadienne. Otherwise, the lyric would be "I didn't know what angel she was" which in the context doesn't make sense.
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