Memories of us
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get up every morning and hurry off to work
i come home and watch tv to try and ease the hurt
cause latley things are different
take it day by day
Dad theres a hold in my life
... since you went away
and as i get older
nothing seems the same
sure could use a shoulder
to help me with the pain
thinking back when times were different
cause you never know whats next
The memories of us
the way it was
is all i have left
every now and then
id take pictures from the drawers
seem me lyin in your arms
god i look so small
that time you took me fishin
and i fell in the lake
haha ill remember that forever
will things ever be the same
someday i know we'll be together
to pick up where we left
those memories of us
the way it was
i'll never forget
oh those memories of us
the way it was
is all we have left

English (United States)
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