Newport Waltz
Balfa Brothers

Si ti vu avoir un bontemps,
On ti va á Newport au festival.
On ayu te le bal Newport,
On ayu et marie au d'agrement
Le bal Newport t'en ayu te,
On ça fait encore des bonhomie.
J'amerais de a tu les Cajun,
Si ti vu un bontemps á festival.

Added by: Lyle_Crocodile
Reviewed by: FrancisMorin
Lyle_Crocodile 7 years ago
My french is terrible, and I know there are a few errors in this, so if someone would like to point them, I'd be very appreciative.
DameianBoudreaux 5 years ago
1st stanza: 1st line: vu=veaux, space bon temps,
2 line= "Il faut tu vas a Newport au festival,
3rd line= "On ete la-bas a Newport. On a eu un barril d'agrment." <--First stanza has three lines

2nd stanza: 1st line= "C'est la-bas a Newport on a ete."
2nd line= "On s'a fais un tas de bon amis."
3rd line= "J'aimerais dire a tout les Cadien,"
4th line= "Si tu veaux un bon temps, va au festival, yaie."
DameianBoudreaux 5 years ago
Also the "ti" is spelled "tu" but ti is correct pronunciation (depending on the dialect)

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