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This five-member band consists of an array of talented musicians from the heart of Acadiana. The name of the band, "La Recolte" (The Harvest), was influenced by their desire to keep traditions alive and inspired the release of their debut CD "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes..." The band earned the distinction of “Best New CD of the Year” for the Annual “Le Cajun Awards 2014” sponsored by the Cajun French Music Association. They have been featured on the Grand Ole Opry style show, Rendez-vous Des Cajun, at the historical Liberty Theatre in Eunice, LA; Downtown Alive in Lafayette, LA; and performed in New Brunswick Canada in August 2013 for the yearly Acadie Celebrations in the region and participated in the Congres’ Mondial 2014 in Northern Maine and NewBrunswick. They can also be found around the area donating their talents, playing music, supporting non-profit fundraisers. Their music can be heard on local, regional, and international radio station programs promoting Cajun Music. In 2015, La Recolte re-leased their second album, La Deuxieme, which includes original Cajun French music written by various members of the band. LaRecolte is traditional and highly influenced by the South Louisiana dance hall music of the mid-1900's. La Recolte is sure to get you on the dance floor. Belting out waltzes of relationships gone bad as well as driving two-steps that will get you pumping all night long. The earlier generations of Cajuns planted the seeds that would generate an abundance of Cajun music and culture. They had to have the faith that it would nurture and grow. New generations continue to cultivate Cajun traditions because they "harvest" the “crop” of music and culture planted by generations of the past. They do so in an effort to carry on and replant the musicand culture for future generations to also enjoy. So let’s all continue to seek “La Recolte”. “It is not always granted to the sowerto live to see the harvest. All work that is worth anything is done in faith.”-Albert Schweitzer

Shane Bellard - Accordion/Vocals
Shane grew up in the heart of the Cajun Prairieland, Church Point LA. There he learned to speak fluent Cajun French from the days he spent with his grandparents as a youngster. He wanted to play the accordion and his family purchased one that he could try out. He learned on his own and listened to many hours of 45 records showcasing some of the best Cajun Musicians to ever play the music. He is proud of his heritage and is dedicated to preserving the music, culture, and sharing it for all to appreciate. Shane is a frequent player at local jam sessions where he met and played with some veteran Cajun Musicians. There he honed his skills enough to become a great accordion player in his own right.

Chris Lafleur - Drums/Percussion
Chris acquired an affinity for Cajun Music, as a young child, during the summer visits with his grandfather in St. Charles Parish. They would take drives to nowhere along the bayou country while listening to lo-cal radio stations that played Cajun Music on a regular basis. He is pleased to be able to express his joy of drumming while playing music from his Cajun Heritage. Chris became a drummer late in his life. At the ripe young age of 33 years old! He always wanted to play, but never had the chance in school or after. He claims that he was always the world's greatest "air drummer" while growing up! Self-taught, he was able to learn some skills and landed a spot with a local band, The Louisiana Rhythm Katz. After 5 years, he took a break from playing with the Katz. After finding out that that Shane played Cajun music, a journey began to develop a band that would pay tribute to Cajun Musicians from the past while paving way for younger musicians to carry on.

Learlin "LJ" Bellard - Guitar/Vocals
LJ has had a long term experience with Cajun Music. Growing up in Cajun Country during a time when French was the primary lan-guage and speaking it was frowned upon in school, he listened to the radio and records showcasing some of the greatest Cajun mu-sic to ever play the airwaves. He was privileged to have been able to see some of the Legendary Cajun musicians in person at the popular Cajun Dance Halls of the region, most of which are not in existence any longer. He has had experience with the drums, gui-tar, and lap steel guitar. His multiple instrument knowledge in re-gards to Cajun Music lends a hand with his ability to mentor the younger members of the band. LJ is most proud of his son Shane Bellard, La Recolte front man on Accordion. You can see the pride on his face when Shane is pumping out some Cajun riffs on the squeeze box!

Paul "Polo" Borel - Bass/Vocals
Polo Borel, a native of St. Martin Parish and a resident of Cypress Is-land, comes into the band with a long history of Bass Guitar playing. He has played many genres of music including Rock, Blues, R&B, and Country. Cajun Music was not a frequent genre for Polo. In fact, La Recolte is the first Cajun Band that he has played with full time. He is proud to be a part of La Recolte, showcasing his talent on the Bass and his roots in Cajun Culture. He also puts on a great show, moving around the stage as he thumps the strings. He drives the beat in harmony with the drums, creating an environ-ment for some of the best Cajun Music for all to hear and dance to.

Joel Breaux - Fiddle/Vocals
Joel Breaux, a native of Loreauville, LA, is no stranger to the music sce-ne. In the days when string bands were popular, Joel’s grandfather would often be found listening to his uncle playing in venues around the area. Subsequently, his grandfather bombarded him with a plethora of musical instruments and he developed a love for music. In the early 1990s, Joel left Louisiana and moved to California. It did not take long for him to become homesick for his Cajun roots. In combating this, Joel taught himself how to play the accordion and fiddle, which eventually resulted in him playing with various Cajun bands in California. In the early 2000s, Joel moved back to Louisiana, this time as an accomplished Cajun Musician. He became a regular at local jam sessions where he was afforded the opportunity to hone his skills by playing with local music legends. Joel’s mesmerizing vocals bring old time Cajun Music to a whole new level.

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