In It To Win It
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I played in the sugar cane
Me friends with the snakes and 'gators
I knew them all by name
My daddy was a driller
He did his job with pride
My mama was raising horses
And taught me how to ride
But that stuff didn't fit me
I had to be myself
'Cause you can't be somebody
Try to be somebody else
You gotta get in it to win it
Life is a game we play
Gotta get in it to win it
Before you waste away
Living out of suitcase
Traveling far and wide
Sure don't seem like a good life
Looking from the other side
Everybody's been digging
For what I learned out there
I'm bringing on home, mama
Sure, I still care
All of my game is my story
And I know how to play
And now I am somebody
And you can't take that away
You gotta get in it to win it
Let your light shine through
Gotta get in it to win it
Now the worlds been waiting on you

Tab Adam Benoit, Anders Osborne
English (United States)
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