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Oh baby couldn’t go, she cried like a girl
Meet me more than anything at the end of the world
Now sit yourself down on the vanity row
There’s this mini baby coon out on the old bayou
Oh forty years ago since she came along
I love you so much I’m gonna write you a song
At two days old when you were in my arms
I could tell you right there you had your mother’s charms
But I met your mother in the misty moonlight
Where the moss and the trees offer daily sunlight
I gave her the love and accepted her trust
That the bayou song was alive for us
Oh look there on the bank there’s a baby coon
I tell ya little girl you’re gonna have one soon
I guess we’ll have to name him after Gallion or Joe
He’s the brother of the sun on the Rock of Budreaux
Oh grandpa proved though he had the know-how
He taught me everything that I know now
He taught me that my family life was the first thing
Without his story there would be no songs to sing
So there’ll be more things in the bayou song
You can write about our life, I’m glad I’ll never go wrong
So if you believe in the bayou song
Remember life will never go wrong
Yeah, now remember life will never go wrong

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Ajouté par: FrancisMorin, January 1, 2008 at 07:00am
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