When A Cajun Man Gets The Blues
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Ma chérie, she has left me for good.
After I gave my love for so long.
She's out there with somebody new
And I just can't sit here alone, no.
But it's so hard to drive with these tears in my eyes
And it takes a long time to get to Baton Rouge.
And all I want is to hear somebody play my song
Lord when a Cajun man gets the blues
When I'm feeling the weight of the water
Lord I know that there's blues in the Quarter
If I could hold back my tears and make it there, I'd be alright
But I might need you, New Orleans, every night
And I don't know where I'd be without you
Yeah you've been there for me all the while
From Lafayette, to Thibodaux to Lake Charles
And from Cocodrie to Shreveport to Grand Isle
Now when I'm feeling the pain, the bayou's calling my name
And that's an offer I can't refuse
Oh it's hard to miss you, Louisiana
When a Cajun man gets the blues
Yes it's hard to miss you,Louisiana
When this Cajun man got the blues

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