Isle Dans La Mer
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take a look gotta try not to speak
you push me to look not to speak
It's not a game for the tired or the weak
I'm not the same every day of the week
I count the things all the things that I love
there's a ring round the things that I love
You're alive even when it looks rough
from my lazy eyes it looks rough
marié avec un concept
(married to a concept)
après coucher avec un sentiment
(sleeping with a feeling)
We'll grow rich with every pitch it won't be long
There's a bridge under which I belong
don't know bout you I feel a tune coming on
I feel the flu the black and blue coming on
I'll be free it'll take an act of god
What I need is indeed an act of god
I'm taking flight at the speed of light what are the odds
Black and white wrong and right we're at odds
teach me while I sleep all alone
time to take your turn
teach me while I sleep all alone
only way I'll learn
(You're) one little isle in the sea
(I'll) wait for the lighthouse to find me

Français (Louisiane), English (United States)
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