He's Still Hurting Inside
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You better hold tightly, this shouldn’t hurt but it could. She’d swore one more time that she’d leave, but he didn’t think she would. Two weeks and a day gone by, the nights are, with someone else. Still somehow revived is a love he thought died. Now it kills him that she took it so well.
Maybe a tear, in her eye. Maybe some sign she’s hurting inside. And not such a big smile, when she said goodbye. Is it the love he let slip away, that kills him inside or is it the pain. Of knowing she’ll be better off, look who’s to blame.
In a one room apartment, she finds it tough but gets by. She’d never want him to know, but sometimes she cries. But make no mistake for whatever it takes, her heart it’ll survive. For him come what may, maybe soon he’ll see a day. He accepts why he’s hurting inside.
(Chorus 2x)

English (United States)
Ajouté par: FrancisMorin, January 1, 2008 at 07:00am
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