Eternel Home
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There’s a friend that I’ve known, together we have grown.
In a village where we walked in the woods.
Then one day he went alone, couldn’t find his way back home.
So he stopped, and began to pray.
Dear God, help me find my way home,
I’m lost and so all alone.
He was hoping God was there, and he found him in his prayer,
And God took him to his eternal home.
At his log house in his chair, in his rocker I was there.
We talked about the good times that we shared.
On a cloudy day in June, he was gone away too soon
And in the wind, I heard his voice say.
(Chorus 2x)
Yes he left us way to soon, to meet our savior up there.
I know we’ll meet again in heaven some sweet day.

English (United States)
Ajouté par: FrancisMorin, January 1, 2008 at 07:00am
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