In Jackson Square
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I was sitting home alone with nothing to do
Hoping I could get a little glimpse of you
I called you on the phone, you said come on down
We’ll have a little fun out on the town
I’ll pick you up on my way there
Down in the Quarter, in Jackson Square
There’s plenty of things to do in that city
So you be sure and look nice and pretty
I’ll be there about half past eight
She said “boy, don’t be ate”
We’ll have a lot of fun ‘cause
you brought me there
Down in the Quarter, in Jackson Square
Chorus :
We’ll walk in the park and I’ll hold your hand
I can tell I’m a lucky man
We’ll talk about us, say it sure is nice
Late at night under the moonlight
I can hear the steamboat playing now
It sounds so nice, it’s one of a kind
We’ll drink a Hurricane and feel real good
Just the way I hoped we would
There’s people on the street and love in the air
Down I the Quarter, in Jackson Square

Written by Waylon Thibodeaux
Published by Hot Steppin' Music, BMI
English (United States)
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