Come back Baby
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Come back baby, come back, come on to your home
Come back baby, come back. Right where you belong
Well you know I miss you baby, I said come on to your home
It was just the other day
When my women, she just couldn’t stay
She took my money and my Cadillac
And when she left, you know she didn’t look back
I was singing…
I saw my women with another man
She was hugging on him and holding his hand
I told my baby she was doing me wrong
She said, “Hey little man, just go on home”
I was singing…
She finally left hum to come to me
The prettiest women that you’ve ever seen
Now when she asked me for one thin dime
I’m the one that left this time
And then she was singing…

Written by Waylon Thibodeaux
Published by Hot Steppin' Music/Savannah Jane Music BMI
English (United States)
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