Long, Tall Bottle
J'aime Je n'aime pas Favoris Partager

I want a long tall bottle of beer, get me in high gear
Well that woman just left me, I'm drinking and drowning my tears
Well by the time this night is through, I'm not gonna have the slightest clue
Why in the hell that girl made me feel so damn and blue
I want a long tall bottle of wine and I'll feel just fine
I'm gonna put her worthless memory way behind
Well by the morning light, I'm gonna be feeling just right
'Cause I'm drinking that woman off of my mind tonight
I want a long tall bottle of whiskey to set it down right here
Well my head will be clear and I'll be full of good cheer
I'm gonna drink my blues away so just like Battle Georgia say
I want one bourbon and one scotch and one beer if you please me
Man give me long tall bottle, that'll set me free, oh Lord
I'm gonna drink 'till I can't feel what she's done to me

English (United States)
Ajouté par: FrancisMorin, October 31, 2019 at 08:40pm
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