Here’s to Love
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Well I heard the news today, that you found somebody new
Someone who makes you happy, the way that I used to do
Well they told me that they saw you, picking out your wedding ring
With your new love close beside you, you never looked as happy
As you did back then
Well I glad that your happy and I’m glad that you’re in love
It’s what you’ve always wanted, and what I give little of
I’m not here to cause trouble, I’m not even gonna stay
But before I turn around and walk through that door
There’s just one thing I’ll say…
Here’s to love and, a good waltz
I never knew, just how much I had lost
And now that you’re gone, found somebody new
I will never get the chance, to let you know
Just how much I love you

Written by Waylon Thibodeaux and Clay Courville
Published by Hot Steppin' Music/Savannah Jane Music BMI
English (United States)
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