My Last Match
J'aime Je n'aime pas Favoris Partager

I will say my goodbyes now
I’m going home to my Georgia
I’m going back on my word now
And my promise not to leave you all
What you want from me right now
Leads me to dreams of walkin’
I get my best thinking done now
Listening to all of you talkin’
But all I want to do is be home in time
To sing my sugar to sleep
My last match in this world
That I have left to strike
In the still darkness she laughs at my weaknesses
So tenderly you could hear a teardrop fall
When I was low and hard in doubt
My baby eyes was the only dry eye in the house
I’ll be on my way right now
I’m leaving the building running
You are dealing new cards now
While my back is turning
But all I wanna do is be home in time……

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Ajouté par: Kentucky_Outskirts, June 7, 2023 at 05:57pm
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