Take My Hand
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When I look, at your face
You're still as pretty as an angel , but there's something out of place
What’s wrong with you, baby, I don't understand
Is it just me, or do you want another man
Take My Hand, say you'll be true
Say those simple words, oh, I love only you
Take My Hand, oh, and hold it tight
Take My Hand, and everything will be alright
You still got the moves , that blow me away
And when you kiss me baby, I still don't know what to say
Deep down inside me, I know something’s wrong
I'm still a fool for you honey, was I your fool all along
Oh, oh, I got the feeling , that you want a new life
But I was hoping that someday, oh, you'd be my wife
I understand if you want someone new
I can just about imagine how long it would take, to get over you, Oh, Oh!
Chorus (2x)
No! No! No! No!

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